ACM presents a collection of buttons and accessories for clothing and leather goods. It includes a wide range of products, which are striking for the variety of shapes and finishes, from the most classic, to the young and trendy lines.

Having innovative and stylish ideas is just the beginning… being creative means finding the best way to turn them into real items. In this regard, ACM gives shape to ideas, also creating accessories on request, starting from the customer’s design: frogs, straps, belts, gadgets, bags, bracelets.

ACM proposes itself as the only reference, guaranteeing a range of products that covers most of the accessories that the fashion world requires and uses.

To a collection with a high stylistic and technological footprint must be added the strategic choices linked to the mix of quality, service, price that benefit ACM customers.

The design safeguard is becoming increasingly important also in the clothing and leather goods sector: indeed, it is often the shape that plays a fundamental role in the success of a product. The shape is what attracts the consumer and what is remembered and looked again over time.

To guarantee customers the correct and suitable protection of product design, removing the risk of imitations, ACM has decided to register the design of many of its products at European level.

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