Production and services

Production and services

For ACM it is important to create new and competitive details, to better meet all customer requests.

It is not enough for us to please the customer; our goal is to amaze him.

We work in the future: we design, experiment, and create accessories that are always new compared to the times, anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving sector and pledging custom-tailoring of all kinds.

Each new collection is a challenge that ACM takes up with enthusiasm and commitment, providing creativity, qualified skills, and experience.


ACM, together with NEXT srl, makes possible to customize all the accessories, making the brands even more protagonists in every detail of the product.

We know that tailor-made accessories are considered the cornerstone of distinction and for this reason we have invested in special machinery to be able to obtain complex and precise results, making possible even the most detailed customizations, which give an inestimable added value to the accessory.

There is no limit to the requests that ACM can satisfy.

Step by step

We have highly qualified and trained staff who can follow the project at every phase, starting from an idea, a graphic, up to the realization of the silicone prototype, through 3D renderings.

ACM has more than 40 years’ experience at its disposal for customers, recommending the optimal solutions to guarantee the best result in terms of quality, service, and price.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Study and analysis of market demands: research of innovative finishes, based on the trends’ moods.
  • Design of customized items.
  • Graphic development on customer instructions.
  • Prototyping development: tests for the realization of new accessories.
  • Sampling.
  • Resolution, in collaboration with our technicians, of any critical issues encountered.
  • Design and study of the suitability of the proposed materials. .
  • Chemical and physical tests of accessories at accredited laboratories.
  • Production, processing and finishing of the required product.
  • After-sales service.

Commercial Network

ACM commercial network is widespread and covers all regions, thanks to the agents who follow every contact with maximum efficiency.
The main strengths of our commercial network:

  • Ad hoc proposals because every customer is special.
  • Rapidity of thought, to find solutions and implement them in the shortest possible period: customer time is important.
  • A solid know-how together with constant research allows us to offer tailor-made creations.

All this is made possible through a careful management of human resources, structures, and corporate communication.

Partnership Worldwide

ACM trading network is international.

The desire to reach our customers also extends beyond national and European borders, covering all continents.

ACM is present globally, with several international collaborations. Through foreign partnerships in a worldwide logistics, we also manage shipments outside the EU, always guaranteeing the professionalism and know-how that mark out us.