Each new collection is a challenge that ACM collects with enthusiasm and commitment, in co-operation with the most prestigious brands of the Italian and international high fashion, accompanying them discreetly towards success.

Fashion knows that it can rely on creativity and manufacturing flexibility of ACM, which is also an essential partner in co-design.

ACM's products do not want to be simple accessories, but also the tools to enhance tastes and differences, to stimulate creativity and give space to your personality.

"Any authentic creation is a gift to the future." Albert Camus

Specialized in the production of polyester and zamak accessories, ACM also takes a special care in the selection and processing of natural materials, such as mother of pearl, real horn, corozo, semiprecious stones and genuine leather.

The ability to combine different materials and details and the attention to the trends of the moment allow to complete the collection and to meet all the needs of the clothing sector.

Considered by now the main element of distinction, the customizations are realized thanks to special machines, that allow to obtain ever more complex and precise results by laser engravings on polyester, metal and natural materials, serigraphs, hot prints and other finishes that give a priceless added value to the accessory.