Who we are

Who we are

Study, creativity, refinement.

Since 1982, ACM has been providing the fashion world with unique, refined, and personalized details, guaranteeing prestigious and innovative craftsmanship. Every single product is the result of the attention we pay in each phase of our production process: from the prototype, designed putting the health of the consumer first, to the production with the latest generation machinery, which allows fine processing and cutting-edge customizations, minimizing the impact on the environment and respecting the most stringent eco-toxicological regulations.


ACM offers accessories for clothing and leather goods with a high stylistic and technological footprint. We work in the future: we design, experiment, and create new details, anticipating the needs of a constantly evolving consumers and pledging tailored-made solutions of all kinds.

Thanks to the new ACM 360 division, we create any type of accessory, responding to the most specific and technical requests, even outside the fashion sector.

Some numbers:

  • Administrative and production headquarters of 6,000 square meters
  • Two specialized production departments: button factory and leather goods
  • 30% of production destined for foreign markets
  • 100% recycling of production water since 1992

Passion of control

ACM pays particular attention to the control of the production chain, to ensure the absence of harmful chemicals: with the adoption of its own P-RSL, aligned with the stricter limits established by DETOX, AFIRMGroup and some of the most important brands on the market (composed of 797 substances divided into 21 groups), we demonstrate the conformity of our products to customers.

Study and production

Since 1992, with the acquisition of the Eleonora button factory, which then becomes NEXT, ACM also includes production among its services, to guarantee the best to customers.

A modern structure of over 6,000 m2 (4000 ACM and 2000 Next) allows ideas to take shape and accessory collections to become reality.

No customer is too far away: ACM and NEXT are at the service of everyone, professionals, and companies, Italian and international. With dynamism and resourcefulness, they make all their resources available, from the style office, to logistics, to sampling, to production, to product development.

Machinery and technologies

We are equipped with the most modern machinery and 3D software to guarantee innovative customizations of great precision, without neglecting, however, traditional processes with a unique and timeless charm. Specialized in the production of accessories in polyester, zamak and genuine leather, ACM also pays particular attention to the choice and processing of natural materials, such as mother-of-pearl, real horn, corozo and semi-precious stones.

Button factory:

  • More than thirty machines, including mechanical lathes and CO2 and YAG lasers.
  • Cutting plotter and resin sheet laser.
  • Water and dry sieve for the finishing touch of our accessories.

Leather goods:

  • Technologically pioneering machinery
  • Oscillating blade cutting plotter for genuine leather and synthetic leather.
  • Manual and electronic sewing machines

Some stages of our history

  • 1982

    Born of the company

  • 1989

    Move to the current location with wide spaces and a concept with an innovative open space for the time

  • 1991

    Start of the export activity at international level

  • 1992

    Acquisition of the Eleonora button factory which becomes NEXT Srl, the group’s production branch

  • 1994

    Participation at MODA IN in Milan and Première Vision in Paris

  • 1994

    Zama Srl line foundation, for metal molding

  • 1998

    First OEKO TEX certification

  • 2012

    Gianmarco Corna takes over the company and becomes its Sole Director

  • 2015

    Registration of the BGY trademark and presentation of the first collection of bags and small leather goods

  • 2016

    Adhesion to the DETOX MY FASHION program promoted by Greenpeace

  • 2020

    Creation of an ACM P-RSL to ensure products that comply with current international regulations

  • 2021

    Strengthening international partnerships, to better manage the production and logistics of certain products