Processing and Services

Fashion is mainly made of details. ACM wants to enhance them and the first step is to recognize that buttons and accessories can make the difference.

ACM's products do not want to be simple accessories, but also the tools to enhance tastes and differences, to stimulate creativity and give space to your personality

Next SRL

NEXT srl is the production unit where the ideas take shape and the accessories collections are made.

In the button department, more than 30 new generation turning and laser machines make it possible to offer always unique and refined models of buttons and accessories in polyester and natural materials. With CO2-type lasers, both engraving and customizations are made and with YAG lasers we can engrave also on metal.

In the leather goods department, technologically advanced machinery together with a wide range of synthetic and natural materials, including washable genuine leather, give the opportunity to offer a high-end and totally “made in Italy” finished product.

Thanks to its active and remarkable flexibility, NEXT is able to provide also a timely service of façon, recognized in terms of efficiency and quality from the high standards.


Specialized in the production of polyester and zamak accessories, ACM also takes a special care in the selection and processing of natural materials. The ability to combine different materials and details and the attention to the trends of the moment, allow to complete the collection and to meet all the needs of the clothing sector.

Never the same, all different, always unique: each collection is designed and realized to impress, satisfy and, at the same time to gain customers loyalty.



ACM recalls that style does not forget details, actually it exalts them. For the first time buttons and accessories evolve into sophisticated protagonists. A mix of elegance, modernity, beauty and fashion that will not fail to get noticed.

ACM owns top-of-the-range machines for shaping ideas and customize any kind of accessories to make them unique.

Considered by now the main element of distinction, the customizations are realized thanks to special machines, that allow to obtain ever more complex and precise results by laser engravings on polyester, metal and natural materials, serigraphs, hot prints and other finishes that give a priceless added value to the accessory.


ACM's highly qualified and adequately trained staff follows the project at every stage, from the graphics to the realization of the prototype, advising the best solution and ensuring the optimum result.

ACM provide turnkey accessories, by guaranteeing the following services:

  • Study and analysis of market demands: research of innovative finishes, based on moods and trends
  • Design of customized items
  • Graphic development based on customer's instructions
  • Prototypes development: production of samples for the realization of new accessories
  • Resolution of any critical issues encountered, in collaboration with our technicians
  • Conception and study of the suitability of the proposed materials
  • Chemical and physical tests of the accessory by accredited laboratories
  • production, processing and finishing of the requested product
  • After sales service