Ethics and Sustainability

ACM products are created with particular attention to both consumer health and environmental wellbeing: all the materials used comply with the current European regulations (REACH-EU regulation 1907/2006) and the specifications of the most demanding customers.


Eco-toxicological tests are carried out regularly in accredited laboratories to guarantee the requirements of the STANDARD Certificate 100 by OEKO TEX Class I.

Certified Raw Materials

The consolidated network of raw materials suppliers allows to activate qualified and performing resources at all times, in order to offer only the best to the ACM customers.

More than 35 years of experience in the sector are a concrete quality certification: The attention in the management and in the control of the production chain is maximum and guarantees the respect of the most strict regulations in toxicological matters.

Processes and Machining

The entire production pays particular attention to sustainability, minimizing the impact on the environment and providing an ideal working environment for its employees.

Furthermore, a photovoltaic system of 138 kwp Total (94 ACM srl and 44 NEXT srl) combined with LED lamps allow to optimize the energy consumption and a dedicated system manages the reclamation of the water used for the production

Green Chemistry Policy

From 2011Greenpeace, with its Detox my fashion campaign has been committed to raise awareness of the world of fashion to environmental issues. In this case, its intention is to be able to eliminate all dangerous chemicals from the production centres of those brands that have joined the initiative by 2020. As a result ACM, being partner and supplier of the most important clothing brands, has been concretely activated to provide a product that always complies with the market requirements.